Commercial and Corporate Law

Commercial and Corporate Law

  • The mains steps involved in the formation of a company in Portugal are: Application for Certificate of Admissibility; Drafting of the company bylaws or incorporation instrument; Company registration; Deposit of the share capital; Registration with the Social Security Authority; Filing of Statement of Commencement of Trading with the Tax Authority. It is advisable to seek the assistance of a lawyer in order to ensure that all necessary documents obtained ??? when forming a company and also in order be able to choose the type of company best suited to your business.

  • A person with significant control is a person who controls an enterprise via share ownership, or otherwise.

  • AMS deals with obtaining of all necessary documentation from the proper authorities/bodies. We assist and advise the client throughout the entire process of incorporation/the creation and establishment of a business organisation. We also provide the legal advice and assistance necessary for the proper operation/working of your company/enterprise.

  • AMS provides legal services to all types of entities and business organisations. You can rely on us, whatever the size or status of your company/ enterprise.

  • There are various ways in which a company can be dissolved either by its shareholders or by the company registration authorities. For example: immediate dissolution and liquidation; dissolution and liquidation by distribution; dissolution with declared liquidation; dissolution with liquidation via overall transfer and administrative liquidation (i.e. by the corresponding company registration authorities)

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